Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet our new family members

Hey Gals,

I would like to introduce to the newest members to our family.
Here they are!

Here they are there is 1 Americana Older the others thinks it is the mommy.
And there are 7 silkies.

Here she is she thinks she is the mommy of all the others and if I take them away she will cry
and run around the pen or she will attack me. I have never seen a baby chick do that.
As you can tell she is MAD at me because I took her away from her babies
and it took me about 5 mins to catch her she ran around the pen over and over screaming.

 Here is one of the two white silkies

Here is one of the two gray silkies.

Here is one of the two black silkies sorry it is hard to see its eye it is the same color.

And here is our other she was the only one of her kind and the store gave her to us for free
she is either a buff or a red silkie.

Well now you have met our new family members.

Miranda Hart

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